Meeting Ideas:

Crafts, Activites, and Play Dates


Check out our Pinterest Board for some great craft Ideas

  1. Make your own Mug- Paint mugs for coffee and tea at thefirst meeting of the year for Moms to use throughout the year.

  2. Block Ornaments

  3. I love you because frames

  4. Prayer Pails

  5. Brids Nest Necklaces

  6. Advent Wreaths

  7. Mom Time out Kits

  8. Rosaries

  9. Chalkboard paint Menu

  10.  Monogram Door Wreath

  11. Painted Flower Pots

  12. Patron Saint Plates






  1. Fleece Blanket Service Project:  Purchase fleece to make blankets and choose a local charity to give the blankets too.  Perhaps a charity that focuses on mothers and children, or a pregnancy center in your area would be appropriate.  Invite the a representative from the charity to come to your meeting to pick up the blankets and talk about the charity for a short time.

  2. Yoga/Zumba Class

  3. Meal Swap- If you have access to your parish kitchen, you might be able to arrange a meal prep and swap with all the moms.

  4. Recipe Swap

  5. Spa Day

  6. Self Defense Class



Play Dates

  1. Service Project with the kids: volunteer at your local food bank or clean up a park.

  2. Pumpkin Patch

  3. Bowling

  4. Childrens Museam

  5. Indoor Bounce House Play Place

  6. Local Parks

  7. Zoo

  8. Rec Center

  9. Pizza Party

  10. Local Candy Factory Tour

  11.  Easter Egg Hunt

  12. Pool Party


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