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Magnificat Moms Downloads

In case you missed all the downloads on other pages, here they are, all together.  If you need something in addition to what is here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do.  



Besides the Bible, we encourage you to take time to read for yourself, and to check into a few of these amazing titles.


The Handbook for Catholic Moms

Author: Lisa M. Hendey


A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy

Author: Sarah Reinhard


A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

Author: Lisa M. Hendey


Websites & Blogs

There are so many wonderful websites and blogs to use for inspiration as Catholic mothers.  If you have any you'd like added to the list, just let us know.


Catholic Mom - Everything a Catholic Mom could want or need.  Columns, book club suggestions, music, liturgy activities, podcasts, and more.


Catholic Icing - Great site for helping parents and teachers educate children about the Catholic faith in fun and hands-on ways.  Lots of great stuff to do with little ones.  Her Catholic ABC's book is a great resource for a MagnifiTot's program.

Catholic Cuisine - All things food for feast days!


Shower of Roses - She has a lot of homeschool stuff too. She also runs Catholic Cuisine.


Catholic Inspired - Arts, crafts, games, and activities which are faith-centered for a variety of ages of kids.

Arma Dei - They sell stuff, but also have some good ideas and a huge store house of links to other Catholic liturgical sites.


Holy Heros - They sell Glory Stories CDs, but also do free stuff during Lent and Advent. Check them out for Advent Adventures (free daily email with videos and activities), it's low tech, but the kids will like it and learn a lot!


Catholic Culture - They don't have pictures or a "personality", but they provide a great basic store house of things to do for every day in the liturgical year. If you can't easily find something to do, go to them for ideas and then make something up :). They have pulled a ton from classic books on living liturgically and put it on the web.


Couple to Couple League - NFP resources


Finding Truth - The heart thoughts of a Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioner 

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