Are you a speaker that would like to be included in the Magnificat Moms Speaker List?

Meeting Ideas: Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can provide a wealth of information to your group on a variety of topics.  Here are some suggestions for finding speakers in your area.  Below are downloadable lists for specific areas with speakers listed.


  1. Contact your Diocese and let them know you are looking for a list of Catholic guest speakers in the area that would have something to offer a group of Catholic moms.

  2. Q&A session with a Priest or Deacon in your parish

  3. NFP- Contact your parish, archdioceses, or the Couple to Couple League ( to find a teaching couple in your area.  Ask if they can do a talk to hit the highlights of NFP, or do a short refresher course.

  4. Love and Logic- Contact the main office for a list of certified facilitators in your area:

  5. ENDOW:  Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) is a Catholic study program that engages the intellect of women and teenage girls to help them understand their God-given dignity and respond to our culture’s desperate need for an authentic feminine presence to transform every aspect of life and society.  Contact a representative in your area to see if they can present on a related topic.  (

  6. CPR Class:  Recommended for use with anyone-kids too- who is unresponsive or having difficulty breathing. Class to instruct us how to use CPR specifically for children.

  7. Local  Police Department-Police officer:  Safety tips and best practices for families with young children.

Download the Colorado Speaker List here (updated 10/10/2013).  If you know of other speakers that could be added to this list, please direct them to the link to the right.

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Check out this study just for Moms to incorporate into your year:

Colorado Speaker List

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