Start a Magnificat Moms Group

We hope you find inspiration and direction for starting a Magnificat Moms group in your own parish here.  There are several documents filled with ideas for you to download and use.   As your group starts, you may find you don’t necessarily need all of this information, but as your group grows, we hope that you will find this useful.  These are guidelines and suggestions to get your group started on the right foot.  It will take a strong leader (or several) to facilitate an environment for your Magnificat Moms group to flourish.  If you have found this page, then you might be that person.  Always remember to pray about your decision to start a Magnificat Moms group.   

Talk with your Parish Administration 

To start your group, first start with speaking with your Pastor or ministry representative about a Magnificat Moms group within your parish.  Some key points to mention might be:

  • Magnificat Moms would be a group to promote friendship and faith among mothers in the parish.

  • Moms would meet about twice a month to listen to guest speakers on Catholic topics, do service projects, do crafts, pray together, and learn more about their faith and how to share it with their children, etc.

  • Would there be a space available to use in the parish for the moms to meet about twice a month?

  • Would we be able to use the nursery, or another space, for childcare during our meetings?

  • Is there any funding available from the church to help pay for childcare, speakers, etc?

Plan a Schedule

Check the Meeting Ideas Page for tons of ideas and resources for planning your meetings.  As far as the general plan for the year, try to plan one speaker and one craft/activity meeting per month and maybe plan a playdate in between.  So your schedule might look something like this:

            1st Tuesday of the month: Guest Speaker

            2nd Tuesday of the month: Play date

            3rd Tuesday of the month: Craft/Activity

Find Childcare

If you choose for your group to meet at a time when childcare will be necessary, there are several ways to go about finding appropriate people to care for our children so that the moms can have a break and focus on nurturing their souls.   All childcare workers must be approved through your parish.  They will most likely need to complete the Safe Environment Training class as mandated by the USCCB, and have a background check.  Check with your parish administration to see what needs to be done.

  • If your church has an active Seniors group, you might start there.  Contact the coordinator of that group and see if you can speak at one of their events. 

  • A bulletin announcement will often perk some interest. 

  • See if any of the moms in your group have grandma’s that might be interested in helping out.

  • If you are still short, hiring from on online source such as will work too. 

Download the Logos

Here are some Logos you are welcome to use for your own Magnificat Moms group.

Decide what days to meet 

He must become greater;

I must become less.

- John 3:30-

Many Magnificat Moms Groups meet during the week in the morning for about 2 hours.  This model might work great for you, or you might find that starting a group that meets in the evening would work better.  Also, many groups only meet during the school year because summer schedules can be diverse.

Find other Leaders 

See if some other Moms in your parish would be able to help you get things started.  As your group grows, you will add more moms to your leadership team.  Here is a good list of leadership positions and what each entails.  Not all of these may be necessary, and you might find that you need different positions.  DOWNLOAD the Leadership Positions Guide here.

For the kids: MagnifiTots

MagnifiTots is simply where the kids get dropped off while the moms meet.  Depending on the size of your group, this could be as simple as letting the kids play in the nursery for a few hours, to having several rooms for the different ages of kids and activities in each.  

Do you need to Fundraise?

Some parishes are generous in their giving to ministries, and others may have tighter budgets.  Dues may be unavoidable in both situations.  There are some perks to having dues.  Moms often will feel more committed to the group if there is even a small monetary contribution.  It is a good idea to have a schedule in place with a cost estimate for each meeting including childcare, speakers, craft supplies, etc. in order to determine what your budget is for the year.  Depending on how much funding you need, you might find that supplementing with fundraising is a good idea.  Some fundraising ideas are:

Tell your parish about Magnificat Moms

Advertising the group is imperative to attracting moms to your group. 

  • See if you are able to give a brief announcement during the Sunday masses at the beginning of the year.  It can be short and sweet.  Something like this might work well:  {Magnificat Moms Presentation}

  • Gather some moms together to make goodie bags to pass out after masses with the schedule for the year, some brief information, and candy inside.

  • Talk to the baptism coordinator at the parish to see if you can make a short presentation at the baptism classes throughout the year to tell the new moms about Magnificat Moms.

  • Make sure each of your meetings is advertised in the bulletin.

  • Create a website for your group. or are good free sites that let you personalize your own site with pages that can keep your group informed.  (click on some of the websites for our existing groups to get an idea of what you might include on your own site)

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